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Keith Lowers

Lead Guitar

Jon Knox


Charley Peck

Bass Guitar

Ethan Hedayat

Vocals - Guitar

It has been said that music and art are a voice for what is going on in the world. That said, I would like to introduce you to Radio Drone; a band that has a message. Having seen them perform live many times, I can say not only do they put on an energetic and high impact show, but they will take you on a musical journey that punches you in the face and kisses your cheek all at the same time. So let's see what Radio Drone had to say to ROCKwell UnScene about their new album and their philosophy behind the music.

ROCKwell UnScene: You guys have a very interesting album title. Can you explain what “The Truth Syndicate Diaries” means?

Radio Drone: “The Truth Syndicate Diaries" is a compilation of all that is wrong in our country as well as the world. It is our personal take on the decline that we witness all around us!

ROCKwell UnScene: The cover art is amazing to this album. How does it tie in with the lyrics on the new album?

Radio Drone: The cover art is a simple visual summary. It represents the death of freedom and the decline of a once strong and powerful republic with high values and morals that at one time had elevated our county to be one of the most prosperous and greatest place on earth.

ROCKwell UnScene: You guys set yourself apart from many bands today because your lyrics have a message and make you think. Who writes the lyrics or is it a team effort? Also, did you every worry that people would be turned off by the fact that you have a message in your songs or did that not matter to you?

Radio Drone: No we don’t really worry if anyone is turned off by our message. If anything we hope to bring truth, enlightenment and inspire people to start their own journey of discovery. As for the lyrics they are written by both of our singers Ethan Hedayat and Randy Cash. The topics of their lyrics come from the world around us; they see the short comings, the writing on the wall, the division of politics, race, religion and economics. Their mind and eyes are open and they use their intelligence to relay the obvious message that most deny.

ROCKwell UnScene: You have a album release party coming up on Nov. 8th called "Karnival of Kaos" at Fuzion in Huntington Beach, CA. Can you tell us about the event?

Radio Drone: Actually it is Karnival Of Kaos #2. We introduced the first Karnival of Kaos in 2013 and this will be an annual music concert/festival designed to help resurrect the local music scene and to help show the bands as well as fans that with thought and effort, interesting and inspiring things can and will happen on a local basis. In the near future Karnival Of Kaos can and will be a concert/festival that can actually be done in surrounding counties and venues with national acts as well as all the great up and coming local bands.

ROCKwell UnScene: You guys are making huge waves in the local scene. Can you tell us some huge events you have done in 2014 and what is next in 2015 for the band?

Radio Drone: We have been very fortunate. We have been number 1 on the morning show with Heidi and Frank on the biggest Southern California Rock music station KLOS, and because of that we were invited to perform at their annual SOG Fest to a sold out crowd at The Grove of Anaheim. And as far as what 2015 looks like for RADIO DRONE I am not sure yet. Our new full length album is just coming out and I really do have the feeling it will take us to an interesting level. But I can say, 2015 will be a year to SUPPORT US and keep your eyes on RADIO DRONE.

ROCKwell UnScene: Why did you choose to do a full length album instead of an ep?

Radio Drone: We have chosen to do a full length 10 song L.P. because of a few different reasons, 1. Because a lot of bands (especially locals) all do EP’s now days, 2. Because we have a creative edge within ourselves as well as a band, with enough material for this record and for another record easily at this point in life, 3. Because we really wanted to put something out that we have never seen a local band do, and that’s a full concept style record that gives you great mainstream music a commercial edge and thought provoking subject matter. Some of the best records when we were kids had us studying the album cover, songs, and message etc.

ROCKwell UnSene: How do you plan on breaking out of the local scene in the 2015?

Radio Drone: Well, the hope that we have to break out of the local music scene is simple; write great radio friendly music in a mature way, kick ass at the shows we perform at, build the correct team of management, publicist etc., and to put the record into the right hands. Always, first must come a product that is undeniable and that people can relate too, I can tell you organic things start to come your way when you have that.

ROCKwell UnScene: You guys produced the album with Cameron Webb. What was it like to work with such a legend?

Radio Drone: After hearing some of the stuff the Cameron Webb had done in the past such as Kelly Clarkson, Motorhead, Limp Bizkit and Disturbed, Cameron was someone that we all had on our wish list. After our first meeting with him we knew we really wanted to work with Cameron. Cameron Webb has been a great asset to our team. The chemistry with RADIO DRONE and Cameron just came instantly, he really understood us, where we come from and where we wanted to go. He has a great way of really bringing the best out in each one of us.

ROCKwell UnScene: Any other things you want people to know or anything else you want to say?

Radio Drone: We just want all bands, musician, fans to know that we have set the path to help inspire a new music movement in our Southern California music scene that has been lost for quite some time now. We try to create the much needed unity that is lacking not only in the local music scene but in the world in general. We do try not to produce the same tired sound and put ourselves in the basic category of Heavy Metal. We do try to infuse many different vibes but with a style twist, and because of that we do hope that all the bands, musicians, fans, friends, family, promoters and anybody and everybody will get behind us and help elevate, not only us but the music scene in its entirety.

Lastly, I would like to add that I have listened to the new album several times and we have featured multiple tracks on the ROCKwell UnScene Radio Show, hosted bywww.FlyingVRadio.com Once I put it in I did not want to take it out. It is one of the best albums I have listened to lately. You can scoop yours up in person at the Karnival of Kaos November 8th at Fuzion in Huntington Beach, CA or online starting November 9th. For more information about the show and the album, find Radio Drone on Facebook. You can find pics from the show in the upcoming print issue of ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine, available 12/8/2014.

Written by Melissa Anderson for www.ROCKwellUnSceneMagazine.com


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